Sizes are approximate and adjusted as circumstances warrant. Custom canvas sizes are available.

Fees noted above are for a non-detailed painted background. There are customarily additional charges for props, pets, and background settings that feature landscape or architecture.

Additional figures in the composition are 75% of stated prices.

All travel, framing and shipping expenses are in addition to the prices listed.

The portrait process begins with a discussion of the wishes of the client and includes topics like pose, clothing, background, portrait size, and whether the portrait will be formal or informal. With these factors determined, a price is agreed upon and the deposit accepted.

A photo session is scheduled. Approximately 100 photos are taken and the session may take up to 2 hours. These photos are reviewed and those most promising are selected for further consideration with the client. If necessary, additional sessions will be scheduled. Another meeting is scheduled to select the final pose for the portrait, which may be a composite of several photos.

When the portrait is nearing completion, the client will be asked to view the painting so any necessary adjustments to the likeness can be made to your satisfaction.

After acceptance of the portrait, the balance of the portrait fee is due, and delivery arrangements are made.

The cost and selection of the frame is separate from the portrait. Upon request, framing recommendations can be given.

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Portrait Size


Head & shoulders 16" x 20"


Half-figure without hands 20" x 24"


Half-figure with hands 20" x 24"


Three-quarter figure 22" x 28"


Larger three-quarter figure 30" x 40"


Full length